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June 12th, 2021

1 MG Serial robot dog motors with BLDC+Planetary gear + CAN / RS485 driver

MG6010 48V 11.5Nm 58KV 480g
MG6012 Duo 48V 11.5Nm 58KV 480g 2 Encoders
MG8010 48V 21Nm 32KV 630g 
MG8016 48V 35Nm 30KV 710g
MG8016 Duo 48V 35Nm 30KV 710g  2 Encoders
MG10015  48V 50Nm  28KV 1190g
RMD-X8 Pro

2  MIT60 MIT80 series motors robot dog motors with BLDC+Planetary gear + CAN driver with MIT open source software

MIT80 Pro 

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