K1 BLDC KV / RPM Meter Servo Tester PWM Signal output

K1 BLDC KV / RPM Meter Servo Tester PWM Signal output
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408422 K1 BLDC KV / RPM Meter Servo Tester PWM Signal output

A high accuracy meter of voltage.
Directly measure any rotating object.
Measure the KV, RPM, frequency of BLDC motors with high precision, 
Can keep holding maximum data reading.
PWM signal output function, can connect to the ESC directly for test, no need to use transmitter.


1. Buttons and connections instruction

2. Test the motor KV / RPM with BEMF

3. Test the motor KV / RPM with photoelectric sensor or Hall sensor

4. Test the servo
5. Operation instructions:
Press button A to switch the display mode, showing KV or RPM.
Press button B to change the poles number. Please note that the poles number is in pairs, for example, the BLDC motor is 14 polies, so you need to set the poles in pairs number as 7. The poles in pairs number must set correctly, otherwise the KV / RPM will be incorrect. 
Press button A and button B together to calibrate the voltage. If you find the the desplayed voltage is not as same as the battery voltage, please power off the K1, press button A and button B together, then power on K1, when you seen OK on the screen, release button A and button B, then power off K1, power on K1, then you can use K1 with correct voltage. 

Working Voltage Range: 5.5-25V
Working Temperature Range: -20c to 50c
Dimension: 33 x 69 x 11mm
Weight: 21g

Shipping package:
K1 BLDC KV / RPM meter            1pcs
Servo tester PWM singal output   1pcs
3Pin wires with 3 alligator clips     1set

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