D2 Dual Channel Battery Charger 2*6S 12A 200W

D2 Dual Channel Battery Charger 2*6S 12A 200W
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400042 D2 Dual Channel Battery Charger 2*6S 12A 200W

D2 Smart balance charger

Wide range AC Input, 200w of dual output

Dual channel output, without interference from each other

Support up to 6S balance charging & discharging with 2 output port
5V/2A USB output power from side of the unit, easily charge your mobile phone or other electronic products.

Wide range AC Input, Industrial level power management

Adaptive for all different voltages across the world; By using PFC circuit makes it works more stable and less interference to power grid.
(SCP) Short current protection.
(OLP) Over load protection.
(OVP) Over voltage protection.
(OTP) Over Temperature protection

Outstanding performance on the power space ratio.

Compare with similar products, volume reduced by 345%. Power space ratio goes higher to 273Watts/Litre

Carefully optimized internal structure, dual fan cooling system

High-speed efficient synchronous digital power supply technology, dual-fan High speed ball-bearing fan promotes active cooling efficiency.

scOs Specially designed for smart charging OS

Bright, colorful, easy access set-up and status display. 80% deduction of operation process. Firmware updates can be performed using a personal computer.

Default Battery Types and Charging Parameters

  NiCd/NiMH Pb LiFe Lilon LiPo LiHv
Rated Voltage 1.20V 2.00V 3.20V 3.60V 3.70V 3.80V
Full Charge Voltage 1.40V 2.46V 3.65V 4.10V 4.20V 4.35V
Storage Voltage Not supported Not supported 3.30V 3.70V 3.80V 3.85V
Discharge Voltage 1.10V 1.90V 2.90V 3.20V 3.30V 3.40V
Pre-charge Voltage 0.90V 1.80V 2.60V 2.90V 3.00V 3.10V
Balance Charge Not supported Not supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Unbalanced Charge Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Support Cells 1-16S 1-12S 1-6S 1-6S 1-6S 1-6S
Max Charge Current 12.0A 12.0A 12.0A 12.0A 12.0A 12.0A


1. AC input
2. USB port
3. Update port
4. Balance port for channel 1
5. Battery port for channel 1
6. Battery port for channel 2
7. Balance port for channel 2
8. Channel 1 select button
9. Channel 2 select button
10. 2.4”IPS display
11. Speed shuttle key
















Input Voltage : AC 100-240V
Charge Current : 0.1-12.0A * 2
Discharge Current : 0.1-3.0A * 2
Max Charge Capacity : 200W
Max Discharge Capacity: 5W * 2
Balancing Current : 1A/cell * 2
Balance Cells : 6S * 2
Display : 2.4〃320×240 IPS LCD
Operating Temperature : 0-40°C
Storage Temperature : -20-60°C
Dimensions : 120x108x70 mm
Weight : 558g
USB Port: 5V / 2A
Accessory : AC input cable
Supported Batt. Type : LiHv (1-6S)
LiPo (1-6S)
Lilon (1-6S)

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